Stay True To Yourself

I just learned a lesson in design, that anyone can take with them in life – Be True To Yourself. Last year I relocated from New York City to the sleepy beach town of Margate, New Jersey. My partner and I made the decision to leave the Big Apple and move to her hometown for a better quality of life ie. cheaper cost-of-living.

As a full-time Graphic Designer I was lucky enough to work as a permalancer for a great company in Manhattan (Social Media Link) who agreed to let me work remotely. I was so happy and appreciative. I work from home, set my hours from 9-6pm and live a pretty good life. Though, admittedly, I can use more money. Who can’t right?

So, I decided to set up a website, business cards etc etc as a local graphic designer that can do print and web jobs for small businesses. The island I live on is made up primarily of small business – we don’t even have a movie theater, we have to drive “off shore” to do that. I designed my business cards, set up my blog to have a website that showcased my capabilities etc etc. But for 6 months had the hardest time designing the site and my print collateral.

Then tonight – like a freakin’ bolt of lightening I gave up after many attempts of creating graphics and color schemes and designs – things I was doing to show a presentation of myself – but not a true representation of myself. And I started creating graphics that I LIKE TO CREATE and that’s mixing up color, type and photography. That’s what I love to do and I wasn’t doing it because I didn’t think of it –  because I was only thinking about what people want to see rather than what I WANT THEM TO SEE.

and in a few hours, it was done. I invite you to visit my site at – you are always welcome to call me, email me or tweet me to say hi.


Designers – or anyone else out there who needs to hear it – STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF because no matter what happens, whether you succeed or not, you remained true and not a pretender. And, in my opinion, that’s that’s a win.



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