Personal Experience: The Creative Process in a Team

I’m a permalancer for a great company, Social Media Link, an influencer activation company that amplifies social media advocacy for brands. I do the graphic design for the company which means I create landing pages and print materials for their Smiley360 member program. The creative process is usually between 2 people, me and an Account Manager. We go back and forth with revisions on client landing pages and printed ‘sharing guides’ until the Account Manager (and client) is happy with the final result. It’s pretty solitary work. I do something, someone reviews, I do some more, someone reviews… until the project is done. And we move on and repeat.

But that changed when the Marketing Director, Jordan Herrmann and Insights Manager, Amanda Matthews, came to me with a project to create a Social Recommendation Infograph. I haven’t really created an Infograph from raw data before. I have to hand it to Amanda for breaking down tons of Math to simple forms so people like me can understand. She, Jordan and I took each step of the graph together in it’s creation; I can call them co-designers.

Together, we went over every detail of each object from shape, color, opacity, size and typography. It was a group experience where each member was permitted to exercise their creativity without the ego of the others getting in the way. As a designer, I like putting my own stamp on a project – In this case, the stamp was a communal effort of three people working together to come up with the best product. The learning experience was to be open to possibilities; to collaboration; to let ideas flow and allow the team to mutually form the creative without claiming ownership, but sharing in it’s evolution and completion.

You can view the official press release here at


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