About Me

web-picDigitalrachel.com is a personal website run by Rachel Albanese, a professional graphic designer from New York City now operating from her beach home in beautiful Margate, New Jersey.

Specializing in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, DigitalRachel.com is offering a broad spectrum of creative and affordable graphic and web design services. Graphic design is a creative process that is undertaken to communicate a particular message to a target audience. In the world of Online Marketing and web, graphic design usually refers to the visual representation of websites, mini-sites, and any collateral used to enhance a business’ online presence and encourage visitor interaction.


A landing page for Folgers to drive traffic to Meijer retail via $1.00 button


She is an experienced graphic designer and has worked with one the best social media marketing companies in New York. She is a trained website and graphic design professional who has an ingenious and a very artistic approach to every project appointed to her. Her expertise is in layout for print and web, logo design, copy proofing and editing, photo retouching and manipulation, print preparation, landing page technique and call to actions and mobile. Up-to-date design styles, trends and typography are efficiently dealt with by Rachel including WordPress website set up and customization.

We are living in an age where everyone owns a website, either for personal or business purposes. Whatever the purpose of a website is, the creator of that website wants to drive traffic to the site. This is where web, graphic designer artists and companies come into play. We provide you with an attractive layout for your website, banners and logos for advertisement of your website/company on social media platforms.